Spelling It out

I have been in the grocery business for 30-plus years. I get to see and interact with a great cross section of people here in Knoxville and what I see does not sadden me but disgusts me. People here are HUGE and do not care. ["Living Large" by Rose Kennedy, April 15, 2010] We have electric carts for our disabled customers to use while shopping, but I hardly call a person that continues to cram over-processed prepared foods into their ever expanding bellies disabled. They, above anyone, could benefit from walking. If these whales have so little self respect to allow themselves to get to such a condition, I have no respect for them either. I have been practicing martial arts for 15 years. I run and generally try to stay active. Your body is the only thing you can truly call your own. It is not genetics. It is not economics. It is not a thyroid problem. It is not the five reasons you gave in your story. The four reasons people are still fat in Knoxville are as follows:

1. L

2. A

3. Z

4. Y

Get up and MOVE Knoxville. You are worth it.

Ishmael Gomez