Speaking Up for Unnatural Reproduction

This letter/e-mail is regarding Frank Cagle's piece "State Republicans' Not-So-Rapturous Session." [Frank Talk, May 26, 2011] Specifically the paragraph: "The ridiculous ‘Don't Say Gay' bill was changed to merely require that science curricula teach ‘natural human reproduction.' Is there any other kind?" I am going to take this question as not rhetorical and answer with a resounding YES! I myself am a product of reproduction other than the "natural" kind. (I won't even try to attempt defining "natural.")

I was told at 8 years old that I was a "test-tube baby," a child born through IVF (in-vitro fertilization). So apart from the homosexual issues raised by this bill, it now includes (or should I say excludes!) even more people. I see no reason why another child would have to wait for up to six more years to be taught about alternative procreation methods. To choose not to teach and to be banned from teaching something are two very different things. The bill is no less ridiculous than it has ever been, and it is comments like Cagle's that show the narrow thought that is produced by education systems that do not teach about the diversity of life.

Liz Roper