Speak Up for Health Care Reform

The time is now for health care reform.

In the next two or three months the Congress will very likely pass some kind of reform of the health care system. The health insurance and other business interests are lobbying hard to influence this legislation: Their interest is to neutralize it and help to craft a bill that leaves things the way they are. Our interest, as Americans, is to make our voice heard louder than theirs. We want health care that:

  • is affordable for all and covers all Americans;
  • can be transferred if we change or lose our job;
  • is less costly than what we have and has same or better quality;
  • does not drop patients when they are sick;
  • does not deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions;
  • does not bankrupt families anymore.

Let us call and write and talk to our representatives in the House and the Senate. They need to hear our voices, too, before they make up their mind.

Maurizio Conti, Knoxville