So Not Funny That I Will Never Read Your Paper Again as Long as I Live

Hello. Let me start by saying please excuse my grammar. I don't often comment on stories and am not very computer savvy. I just wanted to comment on the last edition of the Metro Pulse that I read. The one about all the "good" things about Knoxville, with the family in the field on the front. I don't know what kind of comments the paper received about not being positive enough about Knoxville. The Metro Pulse is one of the things I always loved about Knoxville. I never thought it to be downtrodden or on the gloomier side. Actually, I thought it was one of the greater things. I considered it a place to get news about Knoxville I couldn't get anywhere else. Being a lover of history, the Secret History articles were always my favorite. I actually had nothing bad to say about the Metro Pulse until this above-mentioned edition came out.

Like I stated before, I do not know what kind of comments were received about not shining a rose-colored light on Knoxville enough. I felt this particular edition was a waste of paper. Instead of taking the opportunity to do something really great, it just seemed like every writer for the Metro Pulse had a tantrum about some comments people have made. The Metro Pulse should have just had a hand come out of the paper and slap you in the face when you opened it. What was meant to be a "so there" to everyone who thinks the publication is not "positive" enough actually turned out to be insulting to Knoxville and to readers who both love and dislike the Metro Pulse.

I found it childish on the highest level above anything else. And a long-time lover and reader had been turned off from the Metro Pulse permanently.

Jessica Shockley

Lenoir City