Sad Irony

How ironic! The week PBS presented the wonderful Ken Burns series about the national parks, you published a thoughtful article about the endangered farms in Jefferson County. ["Railroaded" by Chris Barrett, cover story, Oct. 1, 2009] It should be noted that nationally our small farms are among the most endangered treasures and deserve every consideration of protection. Surely there is less desirable property in another area that could be used for an intermodal terminal.

While I am a huge proponent of railroads, the plans of Norfolk Southern to take 700 acres of prime agricultural land for an industrial application is quite alarming. It is arrogant of the Powers That Be to plan to build a transfer station to off- load, among other items, produce from California that we currently grow here, on the very land that would be taken.

This situation is deserving of an uproar from all of East Tennessee, from the lovers of beautiful land to those in other counties who would really benefit from such an industrial complex. Some place closer to the interstate and where there is empty land looking for a good support system seems like a no-brainer.

Please, Norfolk Southern, look elsewhere for your industrial park.

Elizabeth Farr