Roll Your Own

People must begin to realize that the dollar, so heavily encumbered with debt due to the machinations of the private bankers at the top, the Fed, needs to be left behind for a time and local currencies and business-to-business currencies need to be implemented so people can work and feed themselves.

The last depression saw more than 300 local currencies issued and if it weren't for them many would not have made it through at all. To say that we can't continue work because we haven't any money is like builders showing up on a site and being told they can't build because they were out of inches. There are many stories of how local currencies turned stagnant local economies into thriving ones and then how the central banks who controlled the government made them illegal returning the local economies to stagnation.

Just as with any ecosystem diversity is what gives it strength and the same is true for monetary systems. We needn't wait for President Obama and his team to figure it out, we already know what needs to be done and we should "just do it" as the phrase goes.

Howard Switzer, Linden, Tenn.