Remember Separation of Church and State? Anybody?

I am heartened that at least a couple of school board members have a degree of common sense—thank you Dan Murphy and friends.

I was disappointed that the Zimmermann/Buttry cabal didn't just go ahead and ask for what they really wanted: a good old fashioned book burning, perhaps tossing in some rock or rap CDs that bother them to ice the cake.

The U.S. Constitution prohibits the teaching of religious doctrines in the public schools, and mentioning the myth that is creationism should not be stirring up any issues with people unless they have been convinced by the cult of creationists' arguments: 1.) creationism is science, not religion, and 2.) evolution is religion, not science.

They ignore the fact that U.S. courts (including the U.S. Supreme Court) consistently reject creationist and intelligent design arguments, and have excluded them from classrooms.

The creationists' lame (but steady) attempts to use state politics to force their religious doctrines into the schools, and at the same time make those views legally immune from criticism, are tactics intolerable in any democratic form of government.

L. Baird