The Real Knoxville?

A recent arrival to the area, not much to do Saturday afternoon, and a guy who likes opera in short, cheap doses—your color map and description of the Rossini Festival seemed like it might be worth a shot.

Wow! Just perfect! The rain was almost a bonus—I've never sat in the rain listening to great arias before. And, to get out of what looked like a storm brewing, I turned to the page in Metro Pulse after the map and read (quickly, before it got soaked) about the UT presentation of two short—and inexpensive—operas, so I took shelter at the Bijou and enjoyed them immensely.

Perfection? Probably not, but who cares? The music all up and down the street and in the theater, plus food everywhere, made for a wonderful chillin' experience. If this is the real Knoxville, it's remarkably come of age since I last was here as a student quite a few years ago.

Joe Harrison