Profile in Courage: Wendell Potter

I just happened to be in the Earth Fare store in Knoxville yesterday and picked up your paper. The cover story of Wendell Potter was so interesting and you gave excellent coverage to such an important issue on health care.

By contrast, Potter was in Chattanooga at the Unitarian Universalist Church, Jan. 14 and not a word was in our local The Pulse, or any other media. I'm sorry I missed him.

Granted, the man has close connections to Knoxville, but his courage and his efforts to expose what the corporations have been doing so needs to get out to mainstream.

The story was excellent, the information timely and detailed, and the relevancy of topic is one that I will continue to follow. Thank you so very much. I'm also thankful I just happened to be in Knoxville to be exposed to this man and the book he has written.

Lou McKenzie

Sale Creek, Tenn.