Under Knoxville Googled [Knox Triage, Aug. 5, 2010] is cited an article titled "Knoxville's Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-God Monument" and proceeds to refer to a monument in Market Square which has been there since 2006. The article quotes a Lizzie Crozier French in which she affirms that women give birth. They are the "giver not the taker of life," and then goes on to say that women have "no greater claim to the rights of the ballot...."

Now, while this may have been considered an innocuous article, meant to offend no one and to support the idea of motherhood, it offended me in several respects. What the quote refers to is biological, used as an argument to support a woman's right to vote, which is really a separate issue. Women bear children; men do not. It is not pro-life as the current terminology is used. Pro-life activists are against abortion in varying degrees, up to and including incest and rape. It is not pro-family as having a man impregnate a woman does not mean you're going to have a family. And pro-God? Who's God? What if I do not believe in God. Or Yahweh, the Catholic/Christian God, Allah, etc. While I'm not anti-Islam, I do not believe that the Islamic faith, or at least certain portions of it, give women many rights, including the right to vote because they bear children.

And by the way, women indeed have been known to take life, those of men, women, and children, often their own.

Now, Pro-Biological? Yeah, I can agree with that. That's pretty innocuous.

William J. Siegel