Prizes Galore

Last week, the East Tennessee Society for Professional Journalists announced the Golden Press Card Awards for work published in 2009, and Metro Pulse scooped up 18 prizes.

Here's what we got:

All Newspapers/Media Outlets:

Horace V. Wells Jr. Community Service Award

"TVA Ash Spill Coverage," Charles Maldonado and Frank Carlson

Best Blog, Affiliated With Media Organization

First: "The Daily Pulse," Staff

Informational Graphic

First: "The ‘I Want a Drink' Flowchart," Matthew Everett and Nathanna

Editorial Cartoon

Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Bricquet

For Non-Daily Newspapers:

General Reporting

First: "Facebook Gay Bashing," Rose Kennedy

Third: "State gun bills coverage," Charles Maldonado and Frank Carlson

Feature Writing

Second: "Cynic's Guide to Holistic Healing," Mike Gibson

Third: "The Cult of Dr. Bass," Rose Kennedy

Series/Package/Project Writing

Second: "Big Ears '09: Adventures in Modern Music," Team

Sports Reporting

First: "On the Line," Matthew Everett

Third: "The Prodigal Vol," Matthew Everett

Editorial Writing

First: "Health Care Confidential," Dean Novelli, Carole A. Borges, and Dr. Mark Green


Third: "Frank Talk," Frank Cagle

Honorable Mention: "Secret History," Jack Neely


First: "Backstage," Kieron Barry

Second: "Digital Hackery," Dave Prince

Third: "Spoiler Alert," Lee Gardner


Second: "Sick and Fired" (Leslie Wylie), "Fat Like Me" (Rose Kennedy), "Bill Haslam's Primary Problem" (Coury Turczyn)