Presidential Wish List

There is so much hope associated with the recent election that we all should be inspired to compile personal wish lists for the incoming "liberal" administration. Here is my partial wish list:

  1. I hope that Obama will never throw such a reckless and wasteful national jubilee again, if he has a chance, (while) we are still preoccupied by multiple wars and over $400 billion in yearly interest payments alone on our national debt, and home foreclosures continue at record rates, and food is so expensive. It cost far too much money to secure the Capitol against terrorists foreign and domestic on inauguration day and then there were the television production costs, no doubt prompted by the presence of so much of paying Hollywood. I would prefer that the president's Hollywood and Wall Street friends cut us all inaugural checks so we could throw our own modest parties, or burn the money for fuel.
  2. I hope that Obama makes sense of the whole "full spectrum dominance" mess with our military and our intelligence agencies. We need more Posse Comitatus and less of the stern Bush impressions and ultra-nationalist war-making, fewer false foreign newspaper articles to support false wars. I hope that we dominate any hurricanes that attack while he is in office.
  3. I hope that Obama directs that we can no longer use depleted uranium nuclear waste in our shells, missiles, armaments and such, pursuant to Hope No. 2, just to prove a point of humanity to our own troops and the rest of the world.
  4. I hope that Obama locates some kind of real political spine and does not turn out to be the creepy centrist many of us fear him to be. Really, centrist is too kind.

Hopefully the luminous President can separate himself from the entrenched, financial, and geo-political influences that stand out among his most important (ones). Many on his team do not appear to represent much change from what we have now. It shouldn't be that hard to keep track of his actions in the Information Age. Hopefully we are up to it.

Nate Arthur, Knoxville