Political Arrogance? Here?

In reading your article on the 9th District school board race, I was once again taken aback in regard to the arrogance of political candidates. ["South Roil," Citybeat by Jesse Fox Mayshark, July 22, 2010]

Your article states that Robert Bratton said he "sees it as a simple matter of experience versus inexperience," indicating that "it is important to retain as much institutional knowledge as possible." This remark was made regarding the departure of two veteran board members.

A similar argument was made by a couple of commissioners who were ousted by term limits.

The idea being that [insert applicable organization here] would go to hell in a handbasket for lack of direction without [insert long-term-serving individual's name here] "historical" input.

Do these individuals not realize that our executive branch of the federal government completely changes hands every four to eight years without major incident? The country does not and never has ground to a standstill.

I've got big news for the local politicians: Knoxville and Knox County and its departments will continue to operate as well.

Terry Lee Caruthers