Personal Cost

I need to point out an addition to Frank Cagle's "TVA Represents Lost Opportunity" column last week [Frank Talk, Feb. 5, 2009]. He says about the mess TVA made with dirty coal ash, "The total cost will be massive, and unless some federal funds are forthcoming, there is only one place they can go get the money—the rate payers."

There is another source of money: Bonuses paid to managers. TVA, or the government (rate payers), should take this money back from Kilgore and other TVA administrators and not pay any more bonuses until the nasty coal ash spill is cleaned up. Managers screwed up by ignoring reports of leaks and other problems with the ash containment pond, yet we are told Kilgore and other managers got big bonuses and raises. Well, no more. Take our money back from managers and keep our money until administrators earn it. If they don't like it they can quit, but not until they return the bonuses they got for screwing up.

Hopefully this will send a message to management that screwing up will have a personal cost to managers. And the true cost of burning dirty coal may become more clear to managers.

Paul Laudeman, Knoxville