The Parson's Legacy

Thanks to the Pulse for Jack Neely's piece on Parson Brownlow, certainly one of his best.

I was unaware that Brownlow had taken the terrific blow to the head, which seemed to affect his balance, in later years. Perhaps Limbaugh and some of the Fox News people were similarly beaned.

Almost any history-minded person will come to realize that Brownlow's attempts to deny the vote to former Confederates led directly to the formation of the Ku Klux Klan. No Brownlow, no KKK. What a legacy.

It was not to be a war of conquest, according to Lincoln, although many sought to make it one, after his death.

Amusing also was that Lincoln invited Brownlow to the White House, and the Parson couldn't make it.

First-rate stuff. Kudos!

Graham Fuqua