Packing and Tolerant

I read your article about Tennessee's appetite for guns, or should I say our will to exercise our 2nd Amendment Right. ["Bullet Points," cover story by Jesse Fox Mayshark, Nov. 4, 2010] The timing was apropos as I was at a downtown eatery and I was packing—legally mind you. As the day progressed, I found myself at Turkey Creek doing some shopping and finished off the day with a late night-meal in Oak Ridge. All the while carrying my Ruger SP 101 .357 with 38 +P ammo.

As is the case when I carry, I didn't see people analyzing me to determine if I was friend or foe. Nor was there any chatter about who may be carrying a gun in such close proximity. Therein lies the beauty of concealed-carry. Unlike the criminal that brandishes a weapon in the commission of a crime, no one knows that I carry.

I've had concealed-carry permits in three states over the last 15 years and carry daily here in Knoxville.

I'm your neighbor, I'm the guy in line at the market, I'm the guy you pass on the sidewalk, and I'm the guy that wants to stop being demonized because I believe in defending myself and my family against those who wish to harm us. It is about tolerance and it is beyond me why there are people who are intolerant about the defense of one's life.

Bill Hall