Obamaphobia Is Real

I am a white Southern male who happens to be a Democrat in a Republican-dominated county. It's not unusual to see huge pickup trucks with "F Obama" stickers driven by rednecks fresh from the barber shop running up and down Chapman Highway. Mr. Neely may be a little naive to think that the prejudice shown toward President Obama by white Southerners is anything but purely racial in nature. ["Being Different," Secret History, Oct. 21, 2010] They blame everything that goes wrong in America on Obama, conveniently forgetting we just survived eight years of the disaster known as the Bush administration. No president, with maybe the exception of FDR, has taken office under worse circumstances than Obama. The fact that many white Southerners, mostly males, are racially prejudiced is no surprise to me. Being poorly educated and socially backward is a way of life in many parts of the South, especially Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. Generations of racial intolerance and ignorance cannot be easily overcome. I voted for Mr. Obama, and I'm not pleased that all our troops are not gone from Iraq. But he deserves to have more respect from those who curse and belittle him, and more time to make things right.

William Wright