Not a TV Show

I would like to thank Metro Pulse for the article that was written about my wife and I who are local private investigators and bail enforcement agents. ["Mr. and Mrs. Bounty Hunter," Local Biz Profile by Rose Kennedy, Oct. 8, 2009]

The article was very well written. However, I would just like to point out that I am not in fact obsessed with Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Many people when finding out what we do equate us to Dog, as he is (at least in the public's eye) the most famous bail enforcement agent in America.

While I have no strong opinions either way on Mr. Chapman, I certainly don't strive to emulate him in my professional life.

My wife and I run a very professional company, our day to day operations couldn't be more different from what is portrayed on that TV show.

I do occasionally watch the show, but for entertainment and not professional tips.

Dean House,

Britten Investigations