Non-Packing and Skeptical

Thank you for trying to explain the views of the gun enthusiasts to people like me, who are ill at ease around guns. I must say, I still don't find their arguments convincing, such as comparing numbers of shot people to those killed in car accidents. One must stop using this tired trick, because automobiles were invented and are used today as a means of transportation. When somebody dies in a crash, that is an unfortunate accident. On the contrary, if somebody is shot dead, that is exactly the purpose of a gun, any gun. It means the piece has done what it was intended to do. Driving an automobile does not mean you intend to run somebody over. Carrying a gun means you are ready to shoot it.

Another pile of baloney we are being sold is saying that since people already bring the guns to bars and restaurants, we should just stop making a big deal out of it and accept it. Sorry, but that's like saying, since burglaries already happen, we shouldn't be making a big deal out of it and instead of locking doors, we must burglarize the burglars back. Here's an idea: If someone is so afraid to get shot, get yourself a bulletproof suit. We can go far arguing that if some activity already commonly takes place, it somehow makes it okay.

It is also mildly funny when a grown-up man believes that his guns are going to help him "to resist government tyranny." The putative government tyranny will probably look like a cop ordering him to do or not to do something. I suppose, the armed resistance must mean shooting that cop—that's a brilliant idea right there.

The main bait-and-switch though is this: The gun people say they are trying to protect their right to simply have guns, whereas in reality nobody is trying to strip them of this right. In reality, it's people like me who are trying to protect our right to go to public places (parks, restaurants, etc.) and not feel like we are on the front line and some undisclosed enemy is about to move into town. If gun people must have guns, fine, but please keep them to yourself. After all, I get it, it's not a choice, it's just the way you all are, but please—we won't ask and please don't tell. Hunt or shoot cans where nobody else is around, it's nobody's business what goes on in the privacy of your backyard. But, please, no gun-pride parades—that's all we are asking of the Legion of Gun-Brandishing Tricksters.

Oh, and I loved the picture of Mr. Lambert, clinging bitterly to his antique pistol.

Yuri Zuev