New-Found Respect for MP

I have read the Metro Pulse semi-regularly for years. It has always been with the attitude of keeping up with what the "other side" is saying.

When I found out you were doing an article on guns and gun owners, I wasn't sure what to expect. ["Bullet Points," cover story by Jesse Fox Mayshark, Nov. 4, 2010]

I am one of those "gun nuts." I was sort of expecting a hatchet job on us gun owners. I was surprised and happy with the article. I thought it was very reasonable, fair and balanced. Thank you.

I would like to make a suggestion for a follow-up article. I think it would be very interesting for Mr. Mayshark, and some other staff members who don't own guns, to go shooting! Then they could give us their thoughts and experiences with actually handling and shooting various types of firearms.

I have a new respect for the Metro Pulse and staff.

Neil Denton

White Pine, Tenn.