New Bias Record!

Jesse Fox Mayshark sets a new record for bias in his "War Against Teachers" article.

The War is not against teachers; it is against teacher unions which resist improvements in teaching performance!

He gives page after page to comments by KCEA and TEA reps, but only a few lines to supporters of the tenure bill which has some hope for eliminating poor teachers.

How could he not mention the sorry state of education in Tennessee (and the U.S.) which indicts the entire education establishment?

Example from a December 2010 Atlantic Monthly study: Only 2.9 percent of Tennessee students perform at the advanced level of math proficiency.

That's behind 32 countries and 22 states! Science and reading scores are embarrassing, too.

Instead of defending the causes of this sorry state, Jesse Fox might write about ways to improve teacher and student performances.

Samuel E. Beall, II