Mickey Was Here

I grew up in Knoxville but do not live there anymore. However, my mother does so whenever I visit I pick up the Metro Pulse and enjoy reading it.

In the most current issue, I thoroughly enjoyed the article about "Celebrity Sitings." [cover story, July 29, 2010] But the reason for my e-mail is that you made a mistake regarding Mickey Rooney "not known ever to have performed here." He and Ann Miller were here for several performances of a revival of Sugar Babies in the summer of 1985. The musical was performed at the Civic Auditorium. Which may explain why he was in a picture at the now defunct El Palenque from 1985. In fact, after the performance he thanked Jack Comer (of Deane Hill Country Club fame) for all his gracious hospitality.

As far as Jason Robards, I haven't a clue.

Great publication.

Laura Allen

Vero Beach, Fla.