The Mayor's Long Night Out

Tuesday's Knoxville City Council meeting was so short that the few attendees barely warmed their seats. The meeting ended at 7:52 p.m. Mayor Haslam was seen proclaiming with delight to council members that this was the record for the shortest meeting of council.

From my vantage point of regularly attending council meetings, it seems that Haslam no longer wants to be there. He seems to be annoyed by council's few questions, constantly watches the clock and checks his Blackberry, second only to Dave Hill, who seldom looks up from his Palm device.

Clearly, Haslam has other things on his mind, like Nashville. He spends more time now on the road campaigning than at home governing. City insiders say that Larry Martin and Bill Lyons make the day-to-day decisions anyway. They just keep him (Haslam) informed while he's on the campaign trail almost daily.

Proposition bettors have long been wagering on when and if he will resign. I believe the time has come. He should resign as mayor of Knoxville now.

You can't have it both ways, Mr. Mayor. I realize you don't take a salary from Knoxville, but you did take an oath.

Hubert Smith