Many Thanks

I want to thank you for the article on the Williams Creek watershed ["Urban Environmentalist" by Betty Bean, April 22, 2010]. The article was well done, especially in light of the fact that I failed to emphasize to Ms. Bean the contributions of many within and outside the community.

First, some organizational corrections: I am not the founder of the Williams Creek Consortium, per se; Friends of Williams Creek is an original member, but have we not become the Consortium. We are a coming together of entities with concerns in the watershed. Carol Evans, as I remember, came up with the name.

Next, I must mention individuals and organizations who have contributed greatly (and will continue to do so) to the revitalization of the watershed and East Knoxville: Denny Littlejohn, Umoja Abdul-Ahad and Zimbabwe Matavou, who have encouraged and mentored me and brought me "into the fray," as it were; Eddie Davis, who has encouraged me to make dreams and visions become reality; Jim McDonough, Knox Botanical Gardens board member, who from the beginning of this process has been a true friend; Knox Botanical Gardens, who have hosted Consortium meetings; James McMillan, a source of inspiration and encouragement; the crew at Knox Housing Partnership (Jackie Mayo, Ken Block, Bruce Glanville) who have provided support in terms of training and visioning (they are truly community partners); Kim Fowler, Teressa Williams, Lynne Williams and Diane Goins, who along with Mr. Davis and Ms. Mayo are the design team for the FWC community gardening initiative; Beck Cultural Exchange Center, always a support; City Councilman Daniel Brown; Julie Mawhorter, Roy Arthur and Tim Gangaware with the Tennessee Water Resources Research Center; David Massey, Office of Neighborhoods (Community Development); David Brace and his crew in City Public Services; Barbara Mott and all the St. Lukes' family; and last but not least, Mrs. Grant, Mrs. Robinson, and Mrs. Gaiter, community members who have reminded me there's always something that needs to be done.

Remember, love your Mother (Earth). Again, thank you for the article.

Rick Roach, Friends of Williams Creek