Looking for Vision

After reading this week's Citybeat "Mayor, May Not" [by Jesse Fox Mayshark and Frank Carlson, July 29, 2010], I continue to shudder every time Mayor Elect Tim Burchett opens his mouth. I love his positive energy (not): "Now is not the time to think about a new library building." I moved to Knoxville from Nashville where Sen. Burchett was often in the local newspaper (The Tennessean) social section as one of Nashville's most eligible bachelors. I suppose he doesn't remember the newspaper's headlines on July 9, 2001 as Nashville opened the nation's newest incredible library.

He continues his Metro Pulse interview regarding Knoxville's main library: "Downtown is just not accessible... you have to look at foot traffic." I'm convinced that Road Kill Tim has never stepped foot in a library, especially our main downtown library. I would also question if Burchett has ever ventured outside of the City County Building to see a bustling downtown Knoxville, which happens to be the City and County's core. I'm afraid that Burchett's "New Direction" will be "Back to the Future," say, 20 years backwards.

Why can't somebody with vision step forth and lead this great community? A City with a Great Library is a Great City.

Kevin Grimac