Long, Difficult, Necessary

I am in agreement with Mr. Sullivan's assessment of health-care reform. ["Medical Attention," Insights, Sept. 24, 2009] As a nurse practitioner, I see people who avoid health care or severely limit what they should receive if they have no insurance. Once reform is enacted and millions suddenly have access to care, our system will be overloaded. Unfortunately, this will provide fodder for the naysayers who believe it will take six months to have your gallbladder taken out. I don't think it will be that extreme but I do think there will be long waiting times to get an appointment.

I appreciate his recognition of nurse practitioners and physician assistants. We are able to provide the majority of outpatient care. However, the Southeast is somewhat behind the rest of the nation in learning this. The public will learn that they will have to rely on us even more because there are not enough doctors. The transition to health-care reform will be long and difficult but we must do this. Every person deserves health care.

Andrea Breeding