Life at the Cove

I first heard of Jesse Fox Mayshark's article "Knox Econ 2010" in your April 8 issue when I was standing in the front yard of my home in The Cove at Turkey Creek and a gentleman pulled in front and said, "Well, this neighborhood isn't so bad." When he explained the article and Jesse's characterization of The Cove—referencing such items as no light bulbs in the street lamps, a tarp-covered pool with a superfluous "no diving sign," and a stepson of a friend of his afraid to ride his bike because it is the "creepy" neighborhood—I had to check it out. After all, people are trying to earn a living selling and building homes and seemingly well researched, negative comments like these do not make people want to live here.

Jesse's right. Not a lot of sales the past couple of years. That is certainly not unique to "The Cove" as everyone in the country, state, and county are well aware. But Jesse, it really is not that bleak in our little "spectral notion" of a subdivision. In fact, we love living here. We walk to the movies, restaurants, and a ton of shopping. People who visit are amazed at how secluded it feels given our proximity to a major commercial center. We even have our own little shortcuts (which I will not reveal) on those six or seven days a year when the traffic is brutal.

Sorry about your friend's stepson Jesse, but we have three trails leading into The Cove from other neighborhoods and we have a lot of bikes, strollers, and walkers populating our "gleaming sidewalks." Jesse's right… there are no (visible) light bulbs in the street lights. There are, however, frosted, low-intensity lights that are recessed in the upper casing of the lamps that come on at dusk every night and are actually quite nice. Jesse you ought to drive through some night possibly when you are taking a break from researching facts for one of your future articles.

As for the "tarp-covered" pool. After much consternation, debate, and analysis it was decided that the pool should be covered and closed because, "Gosh, it's a bit chilly to swim laps outdoors in the middle of winter." By the way, the pool reopened on May 1.

Rob and Beth Lundgren