The Lies of Satan

Rose Kennedy again—and the HUGE pro-gay article in your Oct. 29th issue ["Kip Williams Marches On," Citybeat].

A few points. But first let me encourage every gay person to read with an open heart THE ENTIRE King James Bible from cover to cover—and pray for Jesus Christ to heal them. They—well as ALL sinners (which is EVERY ONE of age of accountability) need to beg our Lord who died in our place as a substitute to come into our hearts and cleanse us. Then he forgives and heals and opens blind eyes to his truth written in Scripture. He wants to cleanse and heal gays.

I applaud Mr. Williams' ex-church for protecting their youth from hearing the lies of Satan strait [sic] from hell, through his mouthpiece Mr. Williams.

Shame on the University of our great state for offering courses in perversion to young students!

A phobia is an intense irrational fear of something—Bible believing Christians ARE NOT AFRAID OF gay + lesbian people—thus the term "homophobia" is redicilous [sic].

God ordained marriage between one man and one woman for life that is the bounds for ALL sexual activeity [sic].

A free society such as our forefathers founded was based on Biblical truths (they are turning over in their graves to what is happening since America kicked God out of public life!)

A homosexual agenda MYTH is that issues of racial prejudice IS THE SAME AS denouncing sexual perversion. WRONG! People of all races ARE equal in God's eyes.

Homosexuality is CONDEMNED by our creator. Leviticus 18:22, Romans 1-26-28, he destroyed the citys [sic] of Sodom and Gomorrah for this particular sin.

He condemns this particular sin calling it ABOMINATION, meaning it is most offensive and a slap in his face because he made mankind in his image male and female, and he told them to multiply and fill the earth. Gays can't do this!

So how can homosexuals say they have the "right" to all the benefits of God ordained marriage between a man and his wife?

There is no law in this country (to my knowledge) that prevents them from living [sic] together in sin same as unmarried hetersexual [sic] couples cohabiting. So why the push to cram their perverted agenda down the throats of the American people?

And worse teaching inocent [sic] children imorality [sic]. The punnishment [sic] in hell is 100% worse for those who pervert the inocent [sic]!

Please don't assume God will not judge Knoxville and Washington because he didn't send a torenado [sic] (or worse!) on Gay Pride Day! California has been burning—the fineantial [sic] crisis is on going—God is patient wanting none to be lost—he waited 120 YEARS for Noah's generation to repent. They too were very tollerant [sic] of perversion and other sin—till the Ark with Norah and his family sealed inside—then earth's entire population died.

Please know also, the days of Matthew 24 are here. I pray for the repenance [sic] of every gay/lesbian/transgender to repent and ask Jesus Christ for salvation before they are FOREVER lost.

Merry E. Baker