Library Outrage

After reading Jack Neely's Nov. 19 commentary on our slowly disappearing city library ["City Library?"], I had to read it again, out loud, with inflection (and not a little flying spit), to my husband who, moving out of range of the spray, said, "Wow. Jack. Who knew." Our mild-mannered reporter is indeed capable of pointed yet controlled outrage. Yes, we yelled in unison at the end. Finally, someone who gets it about libraries is speaking out.

But we wondered if it was wise to use "assault rifle" in the same paragraph as "library." After all, if commissioners like the idea of guns in public parks, they might also like the idea of stocking them in public libraries. Up in the Sights and Sounds department, a gun for any need and free two-day checkout, enough time to stalk and kill whatever it is that's gittin' on yer nurves.

Seriously, though, there is a buzz about the beautiful new library in Maryville. The motto on their library website is, "Satisfying the need to know for Blount County residents." Maybe Knoxville knows enuf already?

Judy Loest