Liberal Eco-Guilt Appeasement

In your Feb. 10 issue, you pose the question, "Does Knoxville Dream of Electric Cars?" My answer to that question is "It does not matter what Knoxvillians want." As a nation, we will be increasingly cajoled, and, if that doesn't work, coerced into buying Ecars. Which, by the way, in reality, are coal powered. This may come as a bubble-bursting jolt to most of your readers, since they haven't thought this through any further than the nearest power receptacle. Don't get me wrong, I am not opposed to coal being used for energy. My attitude is "Earth First!" We can strip mine the other planets later! But I know that to the "guilt for being alive crowd" this "inconvenient truth" may pose a problem. Sooo, do we agree to let nuclear plants be built, thus producing "greener" energy to power these overpriced deathtraps? Start drilling our own oil again (my personal favorite). Or, due to lack of interest from the general public, do we just continue to subsidize their purchase? Thus, spreading the cost of another foray into  liberal eco-guilt appeasement. By the way, anybody notice the last few years have produced some exceptionally cold winters? I thought that the evil internal combustion engine had sent us irreversibly into global warming, er, excuse me, climate change.

Dan Hackworth