Letter: Back to the Point

While I have read all of the posts regarding my original letter and agree that all of you have valid points, you all seem to be running on the assumption that it was written from the perspective of a motorist. Let me clear that air: It wasn't.

Even if I was, I'm an extremely cautious motorist (20,000+ miles per year between my car and motorcycle) with a spotless record and no accidents going back decades. I observe this obnoxious behavior from the point of view of a pedestrian/motorist/bicyclist/motorcyclist as well as a resident of Downtown North. I live on a very busy corner and see 20+ bicycles a day blow—full-tilt boogie—through the stop sign at the blind intersection in front of my house all day long. The same intersection at which I have actually witnessed at least five motor-vehicle mishaps in the three years I've lived here. I've come home from work on at least half a dozen other occasions to find mangled evidence in the street that an incident has occurred in my absence. I'm actually amazed that I haven't witnessed a bicycle fatality there yet.

Like I said, we can talk about the behavior of folks who travel by other means another time. I have gripes about all of them, same as you. For the purpose of this conversation, though, let's focus on the subject that I initially brought up rather than deflecting. There's a real problem in town that's going to get someone killed. Let's do something about it.

Jimmie Warwick