Letter: WWJD: Our Culture of Violence?

I believe in the teachings of Jesus and that our world would be a far better place if we followed these teachings. Consequently, I urge any like-minded individuals, especially our local pastors, to speak out loudly and in unison against the culture of violence that increasingly permeates our society. We should not be silent on the issues of violence in movies and video games. Nor should we avoid speaking out against the extremists that have unfortunately led the National Rifle Association for the past several years and, in the name of maximizing profits for the firearms industry, have scared and divided our great nation.

It is appalling to me that we see so much violence in our media and have become, at least in some areas, infatuated with firearms. Wouldn't it be nice if we had events that highlight kindness, compassion, and the teachings of Jesus rather than gun shows that seemingly occur every month in this area? Would Jesus not speak out on all avenues of violence in our culture? What gun would Jesus carry? What violent movie would Jesus watch? Would Jesus be a supporter of the NRA? I think Christians know the answers to these questions and it is time we make our voice heard.

Mark Shipley