Letter: WWJ Really D?

So Republican Congressman Stephan Fincher, a West Tennessee representative, told the Examiner that he AND JESUS (we'll assume that he referred to Jesus Christ, you know, the Son of God in the Bible and all that) were against food stamps for the poor. ["Only the Poor Guilty of Theft?" Ear to the Ground, Sept. 12, 2013].

Now, it might be one thing if he just said it for himself but then he brings Jesus into it.

I'm trying to figure out how he knows what Jesus feels about food stamps for the poor. Did he get a phone call? An e-mail? Maybe it was a telepathic message.

I've read the Bible some, but I don't recall there being any mention of food stamps for the poor. [Ed. Note: Fincher quoted the Book of Thessalonians: "The one who is unwilling to work shall not eat."] Actually, I do recall that Jesus tried to help the sick and the poor. Imagine that!

I used to keep up with politics a lot, but not so much anymore. I've become disenfranchised, you might say. However, it seems to me that a lot of right-wing spokespersons, including many elected Republican officials, not discounting possibly some Democrats, seem to have personal connections with God and/or Jesus, [getting] their personal views on modern issues, like gays, abortion, food stamps, etc.

There, seems to be no mention of how Jesus feels about farm or oil subsidies—you know, like the money Mr. Fincher reportedly gets from the government (possibly from taxpayers?).

So, I would appreciate it if Congressman Stephan Fincher, or anyone else, could possibly provide me with a direct connection to God or Jesus so I could hear what they have to say, one on one, person to person, about something and to guide me and my views on various matters, like they apparently do for them.

And maybe if I'm nice and God and/or Jesus likes me, they'll give me winning numbers for the next lottery.

William Siegel