Letter: Well, All of the Above. Or None.

The term "CHEF" gets thrown around quite often in Knoxville and in your mag. I noticed on the cover [of the YUMMM! Winter Edition], Ms. Vafaie is dressed in all white with not a drop of sauce or flour on her, a watch on her wrist, yet she is holding a pie.

I've seen articles about the "Best Chef" in Knoxville.

I've heard people talking about chefs in so many of the restaurants.

I hear of having human resource departments doing the hiring.

Some restaurants have food products shipped to them.

Then I see the health department scores.

And then I see the restaurants going out of business.

I saw one "CHEF" begging for money to keep his restaurant open.

Question: What is the definition of a "CHEF" here in Knoxville?

Does it include sanitation?

Does it include ordering and receiving?

Does it include staffing?

Does a chef have the full control of menu design?

Does a chef design and place the equipment in his/hers kitchen?

Does a chef have a culinary restaurant school education as well as experience?

Does it include money management and cost control?

Is a chef hands-on or does he/she just give orders and manage from a distance?

If you would please, since there are so many articles and issues put out by Metro Pulse, The definition of a "chef" in Knoxville must be in your control.

Jett Frisco