Letter: We Are Chicken

Stephanie Edwards' plea for Peruvian chicken in What Knoxville Needs ["Peru-style Poultry," July 18, 2013] sent my brain into a whirlwind about Knoxville and chicken. I can relate to Ms. Edwards' love of Peruvian chicken as evidenced in my 2013 Peruvian Chicken Biscuit entry (at the International Biscuit Festival).

Along with Peruvian chicken, I would like to see Nashville-style "hot chicken" added to our local chicken scene. Hot chicken is starting to catch fire across the country, popping up in Asheville and elsewhere.

That said, Knoxville can certainly hold its own against any other city when it comes to great-tasting chicken. Chandler's fried chicken is known far and wide among fried-chicken aficionados. Sweet P's dry rub wings served with sauce on the side are a gift from the gods. Can you believe the size for the price of the buffalo wings at Willy's? I could go on...

The Big Kahuna Wing Festival inaugural event demonstrated Knoxville's love for chicken (or at least the part that flies), serving 55,000 wings and raising $20,000 for charity.

Could I interest you in a foodie article about Knoxville's love of chicken? National Fried Chicken Day passed on July 6, but September is National Chicken Month. What do you think?

Jackie Hardin