Letter: Voter Fraud

If the GOP wants to prevent voter fraud, they should start by not appointing people to the Election Commissions who have committed voter fraud in the past, like they recently did in Knox County.

Your article should have pointed out that the elderly have not been required to have photo identification on their drivers' license. ["Ballot Box Bullies," Citybeat by Mike Gibson, Nov. 24, 2011] As a result, many do not have them. Also, it is my understanding that the Election Commissions themselves are not set up to provide voter ID, so you have to go to the drivers license folks, which are already swamped. It is obvious to anyone that the poor and the elderly, many of whom have trouble walking, are going to have trouble making a special trip for these photos and then having to wait in a long line.

I believe that come election day, the GOP will discover that voters—even GOP elderly and poor voters, will be unhappy that they cannot vote. Perhaps, in heavily GOP areas, the requirements will be waived or swept under the rug for the sake of expediency, but in heavily urban areas such as Memphis they will be fully enforced.

Steve Seay