Letter: Veggie Coverage

I am a vegetarian and an avid reader of the Metro Pulse. I have always greatly appreciated the fact that Metro Pulse recognizes the veg community so well and takes time to include veg categories in the "Best of Knoxville" stuff. However, I was very disappointed to see that the Metro Pulse [restaurant guide] Yummm! did not have a veg section in it! I do see that the restaurants listed with veg "Best of" awards are recognized, but it would be so much easier if there were an actual section that listed all of the veg-friendly restaurants (I think). Just a thought. Otherwise... great job, as always!!!

Delaina Ruddell


Ed. Note: With the closing of Knoxville's only two vegetarian restaurants, the Vegetarian category was also removed from our restaurant guide. However, what we can do is include an index to restaurants that have notable veggie items on their menus. The next issue of Yummm! arrives in our Dec. 15 issue.