Letter: Two Questions

May 24, "Lake Life," great story [by Jack Neely and Cari Wade Gervin], made it all come alive, enjoyed reading the whole thing—with envy. My Dad and I tried years ago to "fix up" an old boat...well, at least I've still got the ol' brass bell.

June 7, "The House on Branson" [Secret History by Jack Neely], another wonderful story. So very interesting. MP you folks do a splendid job!!!

June 7, "500 Apples + 10 Lemons = $7 Million" [Citybeat by Cari Wade Gervin], my question is this: If the school system is getting 60 cents on the dollar and not exactly getting it done, how much is it going to take, how much is enough????????

Hmmm, I guess I have two questions.

Grant Bishop