Letter: Trauma

Yes, as the writer of "Sad Places" said [Letters, Aug. 9, 2012], the wealthy traveled out of town to get their abortions pre-Roe v. Wade. And some came to Frank Sinatra's mother, the owner of an abortion business in Hoboken, N.J. We don't know how many women wound up in emergency after Dolly Sinatra's services. And the public doesn't know how many women are maimed and killed by legal abortions now: like 24-year old Tonya Reaves, who died on July 20 in a trauma unit after an abortion at Planned Parenthood's Loop Health Center in Chicago. Abortion has little or no supervision in Illinois and the autopsy report is being withheld from outside inspection. That's not "freedom," that's something else and we don't need it in Tennessee.

We have come to a sad place: Nothing's more American than the abortion business (and the war business, while we're at it). Sign the contract, just do it, and don't make me look at it.

Shirley M. Moore


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