Letter: Tough it Out

Regarding the blurb "More Hell to Come." [Eye on the Scene, June 28, 2012] Mayor Tim is doing a good job. Those that want the county to have more money, give them your money!! I need mine.

We do not need a tax increase. The schools do not need more money. They need less. I understand that more money is spent per student in the U.S.A. than in other "industrialized" countries; yet "our kids" compare poorly in math and science. What about a Knox County school known as Austin that has a great deal invested to encourage the kids and it has a low graduation rate? How can this be?

There is some stuff about retirement and pensions for people that work in "public safety." Can't they live below their means and put all they can in their own IRA and 401K? That is what I am doing.

It is well known that careers in teaching and public safety are low-paying and thankless. The individuals that chose them knew what they were getting into. STFU, tough it out, or figure something else out. They need to live within their means and save for their own retirement. I have not enjoyed one day of my career but I have no choice but to see it through. I was bitterly disappointed in my entry level wages. There have been multiple bad patches in my career where I was physically ill on Sunday night and they persisted for a long time, e.g. four-plus years, twice. Nothing for it but to tough it out. A layoff notice was welcome relief.

Here is a suggestion: What about user fees? For example, people that fly their own airplanes pay a great deal more for fuel than automobile drivers do. The additional money that they pay is used for facilities and services that they use.

As to the rest of us lesser mortals, increase gasoline tax and automobile registration fees to cover the cost of maintaining the roads.

P.S. Foster