Letter: Tired Tug of War

Kudos, Metro Pulse, for another tired, perpetual who's who tug-o-war cover story last week. ["Developmental Issues," by Matthew Everett, Nov. 29, 2012] Less focus on the political characters and more focus on a detailed breakdown of how $513k+ is invested, jobs created, downtown companies retained, etc.—you know, journalistic endeavors following up on the CBID 2010 Strategic Plan—and it may have been a worthwhile read. In other words, bah humbug, MP.

On a much more positive, 'tis-the-season note, I would like to personally thank those families named Burch, Kendrick, Trent, Dewhirst, Heinz, Nash, White, Townsend, Bosch, Testerman, Buckner, Boggs, Partin, West, Schimmel, Harb, and, especially the Coopers of N.C. for absolutely preserving and rescuing our heartbeat of Knoxville from decades of mediocrity and urban sprawl. These entrepreneurs and families invested, inspired, built, and are still creating the greatest, collective gift of reasons to live, work, play, and invest in our heart of downtown. To all of those families, I offer a heartfelt thanks and a very Merry Christmas to all who have given us all the daily gifts of downtown Knoxville.

Brad Hill