Letter: Things That Matter

On behalf of the Little River Watershed Association, I'd like to send a hearty thank you to all of the musicians, event organizers, friends, and supporters who came to the benefit at Scruffy City Hall on March 20 to pay tribute to Rikki Hall. His illness and recent passing have stirred us to think about what matters most: family, friends, community, and the necessity for protecting and preserving the natural resources of our region.

Since Rikki and his family had asked that the event proceeds go to our organization, we wanted to report back that the music tribute and subsequent donations in Rikki's honor now amount to over $8,000. Wow! I can attest that this is no small gift to our non-profit, an organization that is operated by an all-volunteer board and one AmeriCorps volunteer. This gift is a tremendous show of love for a man whose love for the natural world continues to inspire us. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Little River Watershed Association will use these funds to help us expand our mission to foster stewardship and conservation of the Little River. Please consider joining us in one of our upcoming events, including Little River Fest (May 3rd), a morning watershed-wide cleanup of the Little River, followed by afternoon food, music, and festivities for volunteers. Learn more about our programs and upcoming events at littleriverwatershed.org.

Kim Raia

Board Chair,

Little River Watershed Association