Letter: Spiritual Quest

This is in response to your recent article about Pew polls showing that many people, especially youth, no longer consider religion as relevant. ["None of the Above" by Frank Cagle] I would like to encourage those who believe it is not relevant to consider this: Is it possible that you are not seeing yourself as a spiritual being first and foremost, and are only seeing yourself as a physical and mental being? Yes, Harry Potter fans, there really is magic out there! Only the Bible calls it the spiritual world, which it says is more real than the physical world. Where do you think this physical world came from? The Bible says God is a spirit and we are to worship him in spirit and in truth. We do that with our spiritual being. Do you really believe that all there is to existence is what we see around us? And that when we die that is the end? Boring! The Bible says we must be born again. That means we must have a spiritual birth, not just a physical one. You will never find relevance outside the spiritual world. Life is not what it appears to be on the surface. So begin a spiritual quest, but one word of caution: I would use the Bible as your guide because there is some pretty scary stuff out there. But go you should, because what is even scarier is to pretend it does not exist. In conclusion, let me end by saying... boo!

Bob Denison