Letter: South Knoxville Doesn't Need No Stinkin' Pedestrian Bridge

In your June 14 "What Knoxville Needs" [Knox Triage], Tiffany Higgins implies that a pedestrian bridge is necessary to "allow people to shop, live, and play on both sides of the river." What? There are already places to play. There are developed parks on Estelle Circle and Scottish Pike. Ijams has a wonderful boardwalk and the River Bluff area has a trail along the river that connects to Scottish Pike. The city is moving ahead with an impressive park on Langford Avenue. That might be the music venue Ms. Higgins seeks.

We could do better for shopping but it does exist. There's the Disc Exchange and Wee Care on Chapman; across the highway Myrtle's Mess sells antiques, Rush's Music sells sheet music and instruments. Sevier Avenue has Everything Mushrooms and Borderland Pottery and Printing. Stanley's Greenhouse is nearby. We've got fast food and Shoney's but not many know that Huesteca has a great authentic taqueria. Not too many bar offerings but we do have Kat's on the River and the new Kandy Lounge.

What's with the comment that we need a new bridge for people to live on both sides of the river? Excuse me—there are hundreds of residents here already. Have been for centuries. Are we not "people" in the view of Ms. Higgins?

Martha Olson