Letter: Sissy Pants Writers

Hats off to Metro Pulse for surviving 20 years in K-town. ["Metro Pulse: the First 20 Years," Aug. 25, 2011] Keep it up. Good work. But... are yuh ready fer some footbaw? Naw? Heck, yer coverage is lopsided. Awright, so tell punditater Cagle to crank back a tad on the polticks and tackle game color. Git that hippy Mayshark out copy chuckin' sideline action—Kennedy n' Gervin workin' end zones. Neely better quit makin' up history and sniff out some sour towel locker room exposes. And th' rest of them sissy pants writers need to pile on, too. Ain't no such thing as enuf footbaw around heer.

Coach Joe Don Tom Bob Acree


P.S.: I feel better awready. Basketbaw, anyone?