Letter: Sharing Too Much

The fact that an interview subject doesn't want to or can't talk to a reporter IS NOT NEWS. No one wants to read an insular diatribe about how hard a reporter's job is. Two Metro Pulse reporters apparently spent a lot of time this week feeling sorry for themselves—readers were subjected to both a cover story and a blog post that read like whiny diary entries.

You are journalists. Your job is to get information and share it with your readers. If you can't do that job because your approach and your interview tactics inhibit you from getting that information, please don't write a long article about how hard your job is. Examine your tactics and approach, and if they're not getting the results you desire (i.e. an actual news story), change them so that readers can learn something other than the fact that you failed in your duties.

Please turn off the R.B. Morris and Todd Steed albums that I can only assume are piped into your office 24/7, and listen to yourselves. Maybe then your desired interview subjects and readers would listen to you.

Elizabeth Wright