Letter: Safe, Kind, and Friendly

To refer to Confederate Sympathy as a dangerous trend is simply ridiculous. ["Security Threat Level Gray," Letters, April 19, 2012] The South did not try to destroy any nation. They just wanted to form a separate nation, and become part of North America along with the United States, Canada, and Mexico. When Mr. Long states that by current estimates, the American Civil War led to more loss of American life than Nazism, the Vietcong, and Al-Qaeda combined, he is definitely fantasizing. Approximately 600,000 Americans lost their lives in the War Between the States. The Nazis, Vietcong, and Al-Qaeda have killed millions.

Mr. Long, if you do not like this part of the U.S., maybe you should move up north where all is safe, kind, and friendly. In the meantime, you could return to school and try to study American history... that is, if you can read.

Lastly, Mr. Long, have you ever served in the military? I have 26 years total active duty and ready reserve. I served in Vietnam as a grunt in '68-'69 and the Persian Gulf in '90-'91. My great-great grandpa, Bailey Bowden, served with the Overton County Infantry CSA, in the War Between the States.

James A. Bowden