Letter: RIP, Dr. C

Thank you, Rikki Hall, for the July 5, 2012 article about the impact of the Life Defense Act on local women's health clinics and spotlighting the facts. ["Safe, Legal, and Hours Away," Citybeat] Any claims of this bill protecting women, when the evidence overwhelmingly opposes such nonsense, perfectly exemplifies the nature of the GOP propaganda machine.

Although I have often respected the newly elected Sen. Becky Massey's work with intellectually disabled folks at Sertoma Center, I question with great concern her comment, "A lot of the folks we serve are the people folks are aborting." We can forgive the literal meaning, which begs us to ask: Exactly how many people do you serve who were aborted? But true concern falls in light of this fact, as Rikki Hall explains, "Nine out of 10 abortions occur before the 12th week of pregnancy, which is too early to detect most fetal abnormalities." Since Massey cannot possibly support her claim, it instead implies a technical exploitation of the people she serves as political pawns for the GOP agenda. If Massey truly believes her statement, either this elected official did not do her homework before supporting this bill, or may see each aborted fetus as a potential loss to her business.

Which is it—and how, again, does this bill protect women?

RIP, Dr. C, and thank you for years of faithful service to women's health. You are due our respect and our condolences to your family and co-workers.

Finally, thank you Dr. Sub for stepping up.

Marla Stair-Wood