Letter: Precious Memories

Thank you so very much for the article re: People's Tabernacle. ["The Rev. Mr. Bateman," Secret History by Jack Neely, April 12, 2012] Just this afternoon my husband and I drove past it and I told him that was where my mother and father were married in 1924. When I was a child going to Bell House School, I looked at the Tabernacle many times through the openings in the bridge as I walked to school when we lived on Cardwell Street (which was located near the end of the now hotel). The first church I attended was Hill Street United Methodist, now of course gone. My mother and father are long-since passed away, but one beautiful sunny day—just like today—I took her down to the Tabernacle in her wide-brimmed red hat and made her picture in front of the church where she was married. Now that I have your article, I will put the two together in a frame and have a precious, priceless memory. Thank you so much.

Mary Louise Fancher Hitchcock