Letter: Planting SEEEDS

"All I want is to help kids out of poverty!" my friend Stan pleaded. I'd stopped by Market Square to see how Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development Director Stan Johnson's SEEED Music Harvest 2013 benefit was going. The sparse crowd, like me, was triaging between the too many events Jack Neely had lamented were scheduled for this "non-football" Saturday. ["Fair Warning," Secret History, Oct. 10, 2013] We were outnumbered by at least 15 volunteers with the "Here-I-am" presence of those who, like Stan and Madeline Rogero, live from the heart. Ever-struggling SEEED trains at-risk youth to do sustainable, green jobs like weatherization, urban gardening, and tree planting. I handed a volunteer $20. I figured it was a good investment in our future. SEEED's teaching kids how to be heroes not just to themselves, but to all the kids to come.

John Todd Waterman